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Website Purpose

The purpose of this website is to give primarily former teammates of MSP and Rochade technologies the opportunity to:

  • be informed about a last minute reunion hosted by Dai and Christine Thomas October 8, 2018 in Carlisle, MA
  • view photos from the past and those that will be taken at the 2018 reunion in Massachusetts
  • the opportunity to contribute to photo albums (add photos, provide names of folks in photos, etc.)
  • the opportunity to connect with each other

How It All Started

Charlie Bach and his wife Lana (recently relocated from Southern California to Florida) are starting a whirl wind trip "Up North" on October 1, 2018. Since this adventure includes a few days in Massachusetts, Charlie first contacted Dick Robinson to see if Dick and others might be available for a little reunion with folks from MSP and Rochade technologies.  It all came about very quickly, and Dick Robinson talked Dai and Christine Thomas into volunteering to host the event.  Much thanks to Dick, Dai, and Christine! It started out as a BBQ in Dai's the back yard, thinking it would just be a few people.  Now there are a few more people who are interested, pray for good weather! The small BBQ has turned into a pot luck affair with Lois Tudisco Noonan coordinating the food offerings, thanks Lois! There was no way to quickly locate and invite the hundreds of teammates who had worked with these technologies, but roughly 25 were found and say they are coming, some with significant others. Of course most of the attendees will be relatively "local" folks, although a couple will be coming from afar, such as Jim Ettwein who actually went and booked a flight from Florida a couple of days after finding out about the gig. Ahhh, the luxury of retirement! Perhaps some that can't physically attend will be able to join in briefly via something like Webex. A by-product of the round-up is a fairly up-to-date "contact list" with names, locations, and email addresses that has been circulated to both those who so far have been located, even if not able to attend. 

It became clear that many folks liked the idea of being able to share photos and stuff from the glorious, fun past with others, so we needed to come up with a good vehicle for this. Charlie was led to a Facebook Group (MSP Alumni) that was started years ago by Gerry Hall, and an old Yahoo Discussion Group that Ian Rowlands used to run for Rochade, a place where Malcolm Marais had added photos from a 2007 NARUG user conference. Malcolm was planning to attend the reunion all the way from Florida, but unfortunately had a bicycle accident, broke both arms and now can't make it. Thanks Malcolm for your support from afar! Gerry also had a bunch of photos out in a Google Photos album. Thanks Gerry! Charlie asked those contacted so far for photo donations, got two from Keith Stillinger. Thanks Keith! Somebody mentioned that maybe we could continue sharing photos via something like Google Photos or Facebook, but these require folks to have accounts with these technologies. Not all of our past teammates have or want to have accounts with this sort of technology. Bharat Mistry suggested that the best way to handle this going forward would be to create a website, make it easy for folks without having to get involved with Facebook, etc. Thanks Bharat, bummer you can't attend, but we will be sharing with all afterwards for sure!

We lucked out, big time!!! Kim Bare (former DATAMANAGER user/administrator, and later a teammate working in support of Rochade vendors) now works as an independent web designer for individuals and businesses. She can't attend the reunion, but totally out of the blue, not even asked to do such a thing, started building a website for us. She collaborated with Charlie and well, here we are. Much thanks Kim!

The initial photo albums (one for MSP, one for Rochade) have been populated with photos from the various sources mentioned above. Many of these photos need some enhancing by any of you who might know who is in the photos, what the event was, etc. We are letting any registered member help provide this type info, even if not the "owner" of a given photo. And of course registered members can add more photos to these albums. We (you) will also be able to add photos from the 2018 Reunion. After that, who knows.

If you Want to Connect with Others or Contribute Photos

If you have any questions, please to go to the Contact Us page, fill out the form, and it will be immediately sent to Charlie Bach as the group / website coordinator. 

You can also register on this website and once approved by Charlie (or another "moderator"), you can enter your contact information, post any photos you have to photo Albums, and if so desired, connect with others who have registered on the site.  If you don't want to talk to any of us or post photos, or if you just don't want to register on yet another website, just enjoy the photos. The breadth of participation is totally up to you.